Caligula "Cali" Lotus was a lineup player for the Boston Flowers.

Official League Records

Lotus joined the Flowers after the incineration of Jorge Ito in the Season 3, Day 47 game against the New York Millennials.

She was later incinerated during the Season 6, Day 31 games against the San Francisco Lovers and replaced by Hiroto Cerna.


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Witnesses of Ito's incineration claim that she grew in the spot that Ito's ashes fell, immediately picked up a bat, and continued the match for the Flowers. Some speculate that she is the reincarnation of Ito.

Lotus claimed to be dating the Flowers' team captain and head coach, Beck Whitney. Presumably, this sprung forth after a couple of games sitting next to each other in the dugout. Caligula did not provided any details regarding this other than simply stating, "Mine".

Lotus had a frog friend named Fern Ignatius Lotus. They tended to sit on Lotus' shoulder during games, and when not with Lotus, they were usually in the hands of Whitney.


Lotus was set alight on Season 6, Day 31, but saved by the quick action of her teammates. While most of her body was destroyed by the Rogue Umpire's flame, The Groundskeeper was able to plant what remained, keeping Lotus alive. Lotus slowly grew back, integrating with the Boston Garden and regaining consciousness.


Caligula Lotus is now immobile, planted in the Boston Garden near the dugout. It will take a while for her to grow back to normal, if indeed that is still possible. However, she seems happy about her new relationship with the Garden. Lotus claims that she can hear the voices of all the plants in Boston communicating with her, and often will give tips to The Groundskeeper about which flowers need a little more help.

Beck Whitney is never seen far from Lotus' planted body, attempting to maintain an air of normalcy. Lotus appreciates the attention, but tries to encourage her girlfriend to spend time with the rest of the team; after all, she's not going anywhere.


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