Carmelo Plums are a lineup player for the Hades Tigers and have been with the team since Season 7, Day 32 after replacing Moody Cookbook due to incineration.

Official League Records

Plums currently have no records in the official league record book.

Player History


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Carmelo Plums are a small fruitcake, approximately 18 inches tall. They were first discovered when they emerged from a cooler in the Hades Tigers dugout when Moody Cookbook was incinerated, rolled onto the field, and took Moody's place in the lineup. At that time, their origin was a mystery. They have exhibited no ability to speak, but it is unknown whether this is a limitation or a choice. The name "Carmelo Plums" was scrawled on the top of the cooler Plums emerged from in Moody's handwriting.

Richmond Harrison has confirmed that Plums do in fact taste like plums. Players seated next to Plums on the bench report feeling comforted and nourished.

Shortly after the game, a final episode of The Moody Cookbook unexpectedly aired. No known recordings of this episode exist, but viewer accounts claim it walked the audience through the process of baking Carmelo Plums. Said viewers abjectly refuse to share the "existentially terrifying" method by which Plums was baked.



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