Dunlap Figueroa is a pitcher for the Hades Tigers. Figueroa has been with the team since the start of Season 1.

Official League Records

Despite a 3-star rating, Dunlap has proven to be one of the best pitchers in the league, having the best ERA and WHIP of any pitcher in the league during Season 3.[1] Dunlap's Season 4 performance was not so overpowering, posting at 10th in the league with an ERA of 3.00 and the 4th most strikeouts, though they continued to allow remarkably few walks, only 4 for the entire season.

They were the first pitcher in IBL history to reach 100 regular season wins, completing this milestone on Day 98 of Season 8.

Dunlap pitched a single game in Season 4's Internet Series, the crucial game 5 against the Canada Moist Talkers, an 11-inning performance including 14 strikeouts.[2]

Player History


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Dunlap is a trained classical theatre actrex, constantly changes outfits between innings, and traditionally breaks out into hours-long soliloquys that can last the duration of a game. They will also frequently give an aside to the audience after each strikeout they throw. Much of Dunlap's work has been transcribed and collected by fans.[3][4]

They are genderfluid, and comfortable with any pronouns.

Dunlap's father, Elvis, is also a professional blaseball player, currently on the Philly Pies.

They are widely feared for throwing a wide variety of junk pitches, including some that they invented themselves and have no name for, as well as basically having no fastball.

She is frequently seen to manifest multiple additional faces and arms. It is unclear as to whether he natively possesses these body parts or is acting with such skill that he is able to project multiple theatrical performances simultaneously. When reached for comment on this phenomena, they launched into a three hour soliloquy which lasted until they were called up to the pitcher's mound.

As with many Tigers, Dunlap considered Moody Cookbook to be something of a father figure. After Cookbook's incineration on Season 7, Day 32, Dunlap pitched the following game in the series, and tore through the Canada Moist Talkers' line-up at rapid pace. They dedicated their 13 strike outs in the game to Moody's memory.

Personal Life

Dunlap is alleged to have some manner of relationship with the New York Millenials' Schneider Bendie.[5] When approached for comment, Dunlap replied "Yes, a hostile one." Nevertheless there have been numerous reports of Dunlap and Bendie engaging in semi-flirtatious banter between games, and Dunlap writing romantically longing poetry that could be construed to apply to their so-called rival.[6] Some fans have taken Dunlap approaching Bendie after the Tigers' victory in the Season 4 Internet Series, and the pair's subsequent departure together as a sign of 'Dundie Confirmed!', while others contend that the two of them had taken it outside in order to throw down.

Dunlap is the owner of the artwork Mills Apartment Piece, Season 6 Siesta, Framed,[7] acquired during the Ooze Incident resulting from the Ooze Blessing obtained by the Millennials in the Season 6 elections. In evading the ooze, Figueroa lodged themselves in the ceiling of the Mills' apartment, preventing them from being oozed but also becoming stuck there. Building residents later reported 'an explosion, then what sounded like a dinosaur screeching'.[8] It is unclear why Figueroa was in the Mills' apartment in the first place, but this has done nothing to quell the rumours of an inter-team romance.

Fan Art

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