Fish Summer is a lineup player for the Canada Moist Talkers and has been with the team since Season 6, Day 19, due to a feedback swap with Richmond Harrison. Previously, Summer played for the Hades Tigers since Season 1.

Official League Records

Summer currently has no notable events in the official record books.


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Player History

The showiest member of the team, "Hot" Fish Summer is always willing to give Tigers fans the heat they're looking for. While their casual dress on the field might indicate a lack of commitment, their fish-handed batting style has proven a dependable asset for the Tigers. They are also the official merch model for the team.

They have bitten every uniform they own in half, leading to a trend of fans making "Fish Crop Tops" of uniforms.

Integration into the Canada Moist Talkers

Before joining the Canada Moist Talkers, Fish Summer didn’t understand the concept of an apology. This was revealed to the staff and team during a New Player’s Welcome Portrait Session (which was immediately pushed to the front of the schedule by popular opinion that “this Player is really Hot”); during which Fish Summer was asked by staff court room artist Josie “Doug” Applejuice to pretend to bite the giant inflatable Richmond Harrison for a humorous photograph. With their incredibly sharp teeth, Fish Summer accidentally punctured the material, deflating the attraction. It is reported that Fish Summer simply reacted with an “Uh.”

After some team-building exercises and cultural sensitivity sessions, Fish Summer still doesn't understand the concept of an apology and will sometimes just say the word sorry randomly in hopes that it will do something.


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