Frasier Shmurmgle was a lineup player for the Hades Tigers and was with the team since Season 7, Day 32 after replacing Mclaughlin Scorpler due to incineration. Shmurmgle was incinerated on Season 7, Day 71 and was replaced by Usurper Violet.

Official League Records

Shmurmgle made it on base in every plate appearance of their first full game on day 33, against pitcher Ortiz Morse.

Player History


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Frasier Shmurmgle was a frog. Frasier Shmurmgle may also have been a puppet.

Frasier joined the Tigers from the stands per ILB fan-recruitment protocols after the Tigers were unexpectedly hit with multiple incinerations in the same game, leaving them bereft of potential replacements. Frasier quickly proved skilled at the game despite claiming to have never played or even watched a game of Blaseball prior to that day.

Some of Frasier's fans claim he was a puppet with an unknown puppeteer, as all known broadcasts and photographs avoid displaying anything more than a few feet above his head. When eyewitnesses were asked to clarify whether or not Frasier is a puppet, they simply respond "he wouldn't like that."

Frasier had a strong interest in astronomy, particularly for prophetic purposes. Hades being underground presents something of a challenge for this hobby, but Frasier could often be found examining star charts during the pregame. Before the game in which he was incinerated, he claimed to have discovered something "of vital importance" in the stars, but never got the chance to share it.


Shmurmgle was incinerated in only his 39th game in the ILB. As requested in the event of incineration when he joined the team, his bat was buried in the Memorial Bat Forest in Boston, where it has grown into a flourishing bat tree.

Fan Art

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