The Internet Series is an annual championship series of Internet League Blaseball, between the champions of each league in every Season. It is the final event of the Blaseball postseason.

The winner of the Internet Series is determined in a best-of-five playoff, with the winning team being awarded ████████. The team with the most championship wins is the Baltimore Crabs with three.


Season Winning Team Record Losing Team
1 Philly Pies 3-0 Chicago Firefighters
2 Philly Pies 3-1 Charleston Shoe Thieves
3 Hades Tigers 3-2 New York Millennials
4 Hades Tigers 3-0 New York Millennials
5 Chicago Firefighters 3-2 Breckenridge Jazz Hands
6 Baltimore Crabs 3-0 Seattle Garages
7 Mexico City Wild Wings 3-1 San Francisco Lovers
8 Baltimore Crabs 3-1 Hades Tigers
9 Charleston Shoe Thieves 3-2 Baltimore Crabs
10 Baltimore Crabs 3-(-1)[1] Charleston Shoe Thieves
11 Hellmouth Sunbeams 3-1 Seattle Garages
  1. This score was the first documented instance of Black Hole weather, which occured before the decree passed in the Season 10 elections.

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