The Mild League is one of the two current competitive leagues in Internet League Blaseball. It consists of ten teams split into two divisions: High and Low. The league sends four teams to the postseason of every season and the winner of the Mild League faces the winner of the Wild League at the end of each post season in the Internet Series.


The Mild League formed along with the Wild League following the passage of the High Filter decree during the Season 5 election. As High Filter sorted the teams by their Season 5 regular season results, the Mild League's High division currently consists of Season 5's 6th through 10th place finishers in Season 5, while the Low division consists of the 11th through 15th place finishers.

During the Season 8 Election, the Mexico City Wild Wings won the Divisional Swap and Subleague Swap blessings and moved to the Wild High division of the Wild League. The Kansas City Breath Mints moved to the Mild Low division and the New York Millennials moved to the Mild High division in their place.


Teams are listed in alphabetical order by location.

Mild High

Mild Low

Season Results

Season Mild High Winner Mild Low Winner Postseason Winner Internet Series Results
6 Hades Tigers Philly Pies

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