Nagomi Meng is a pitcher for the Hades Tigers and has been with the team since the start of Season 1. Meng is currently in the Shadows.

Official League Records

Meng joined the league in Season 1 as a ★★ -star pitcher for the Hades Tigers.

On Season 7, Day 15, Annie Roland siphoned some of Meng's hitting ability.

During the Season 8 elections, the Tigers won the Composite blessing, sending Meng to the shadows.

Player History


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Nagomi Meng currently holds a world record speed run of the classic ██████ █████ and often applies her speed running strategies on the Blaseball field. She is known both for her skill in skipping frames and the discovery of a strategy involving ████ and imprecise hitboxes that has completely revolutionized the run game, but her biggest claim to fame in the underleagues was her ability to stay on one base while attempting to steal the next in another dimension.

“Sometimes I strike out, just to reset the game faster so I can attempt a better run next inning."

Since joining the Hades Tigers, Nagomi has begun applying her skills at the mound instead. It is generally recommended not to view streams of games where she is pitching on anything but the most stable of networks as she has a tendency to cause ██████████ - as she rarely stays in a single frame of reality long enough to be fully visible. The ILB does not consider itself responsible for any possible computer glitches, ████████, or possible █████ caused by viewing official streams on an unstable network.

Toward the beginning of The Discipline Era, Meng was quoted as saying "I'm still not quite sure what Blaseball is. I think my teammates are afraid to tell me. I'm doing my best out there."

Personal Life

Nagomi Meng is in a committed relationship with the River Styx, and the two were married in a private ceremony following the end of Season 3.

Season 8 Glitch

While practicing a difficult new pitching technique that involved clipping into the mound in order to generate speed and then releasing the ball at hypervelocity, Nagomi ended up clipping through the ground and launching herself through the geometry of Sixth Circle Stadium at such speed that she only appeared on the pitch camera for a few frames. It is currently suspected based on her velocity at the time that she landed somewhere in a parallel universe.


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