The New York Blittle League has numerous teams, with each borough having at least one team. Some of the more well known teams include the Battin' Island Zoomers and the Bronx Stonks

List of New York Blittle League Teams

Battin' Island Zoomers

Bronx Stonks

Brooklyn Orgainic Freelance Artists (BOFA)

Fort Lee Fighting

Hoboken Hobklins

Jersey City Chillers

Manhattan Rent

Mt Vernon Presidents

Newark Airports

Queens Flush (The Flush of Queens)

Union City ██████

Upstate Downstates

Weehawken Wee Hawks

West New York Wicked Witches (The Wicked Witches of West New York)

Yonkers Yonkees

Battin' Island Zoomers

New York Generation Z, affectionately referred to as NYGENZ, is Battin' Island's Blittle League Team. They are a collection of janitors and young people hoping to make it big in the Blaseball world. Upon joining the team, each player is gifted from the benevolent and gracious team owners a mafiasona. Nicknames are earned throughout the season.

Their current roster is:

Tristano 'The Rabbit' True

Adelaide 'Lucky' Mollo

Desdemona 'The Fang' Levere

Phoenix 'Four Toes' Rugani

River 'Knife' Cisco

Kameron 'The Writer' Mainer

Rosa 'Flowers' Spinelli

E 'The Boot' Cicco

London 'The Banker' Giordano


Dominic Marijuana of the New York Millennials is known to spend most of his Basethirst (drink) endorsement checks to provide transportation for the underpaid janitorial staff of other franchises for Vibe Checks (replacement for tryouts, see below)


The team long ago had a traditional structure of leadership, but it was wholly driven off by the ruthless burns and cries of "OK BOOMER" from the players. The team is now an anarcho-commune. They no longer hold traditional tryouts, but instead perform a Vibe Check on hopeful new players.

Bronx Stonks

The Bronx Stonks are a up and coming team within the New York Blittle League. The team has won the title of Most Improved 3 years in a row.

Their current roster is:

Jonie Doughboie

Eric Today

█████ Gardener

Leo █████

Mannequin ███

███ ███

██ ███████ IV


██████ Batterson

Log █████████

Manhattan Rent

Not much is known about the Manhattan Rent. Scrap Murphy was formerly a coach for this team before joining the New York Millennials.

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