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The New York Millennials are a Blaseball team in the Mild High division of the Mild League. For Seasons 1-5, they played in the Chaotic Good division of the Good League. For Season 6-8, they played in the Wild High division of the Wild League. They have been a part of Internet League Blaseball since Season 1, and claim to be "the gayest team in blaseball[1]".




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Season Results

For more detailed reviews of the Millennials' seasons, see New York Millennials/History.

Season Record Win % Division Placement Postseason
1 46-53 .465 5th Did not qualify
2 44-55 .444 5th Did not qualify
3 70-29 .707 1st Lost 3-2 in the Finals by the Hades Tigers
4 58-41 .585 1st Lost 3-0 in the Finals by the Hades Tigers
5 64-35 .646 1st Eliminated 3-1 in the Round of 8 by the Chicago Firefighters
6 51-48 .515 4th Did not qualify (due to tiebreaker with the Boston Flowers)
7 55-44 .556 4th Eliminated 3-0 in the Round of 8 by the Baltimore Crabs
8 50-49 .505 2nd Did not qualify

In the Season 4 Elections, the Millennials were hit with Targeted Shame, which states that should the Millennials be shamed in Season 5, they would start the next run with negative runs equal to their shame.

In the Season 6 Elections, the Millennials won the Ooze and The Best Defense blessings.

In the Season 7 Elections, the Millennials won the Hot Sauce Packet blessing, making Sandie Turner have the Spicy modification.

In the Season 8 Elections, the Millennials swapped divisions with the Mexico City Wild Wings as part of the Subleague Swap blessing, moving New York to Mild High for Season 9.

Team Overview


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Team History

For more on the Millennials' history, see New York Millennials/History.

Corporate Sponsorships

After Basethirst's failed launch attempt and mysterious reappearance on shelves, A sponsorship deal was announced on the Millennials twitter account, with Dominic Marijuana acting as the face of the brand. Both the Ceaseless Thirst Corporation and the ownership of the Millennials have refused to comment on whether players other than Marijuana are being paid for the sponsorship, leading to widespread criticism and light rioting from the anti-capitalist wings of the fan base. Dominic avoided backlash from fans and fellow players when it was revealed that his sponsorship money was being used to help Blaseball stadium janitors try out for the New York Blittle League team.

In response to the Basethirst sponsorship, The Millennials Players Union are officially partnered with the Plabst Blue Ribbon Workers' Union.


Fan Culture

For more on the Millennialls' mascots, see New York Millennials/Fan Culture.


  • Call: "WHOSE HOUSE?"
    • Response: "NOT OURS WE RENT"
  • "[name/pronoun]'S WALKIN' HERE" (after a walk)
  • "BAN GROUND" (after a ground out)
  • "IT'S LIT" (bases loaded)
  • "FLY THE AVO" (after a win)
  • Player-Specific Chants:

Fan Art

For more Millennialls' fan art, see New York Millennials/Fan Art.

New York Millennials Alt Logo by ReleaseTheChimp

New York Millennials Alt Logo by ReleaseTheChimp

Logo by Cobaltcakes.

New York Millennials Alt Logo by Annana

New York Millennials Alt Logo by Annana

"The Mills" New York Millennials lettering by andreastreeter

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