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Randy Castillo is a lineup player for the Hades Tigers. Castillo has been with the team since the start of Season 1.

Official League Records

Castillo currently has no notable events in the official recordbooks. 

Player History


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Randy Castillo refers to a pair of entities that share a slot on the Hades Tigers batting lineup. Randy Callisto the human (often referred to as "Randy A" by fans) and Randy Callisto the poltergeist (referred to as "Randy 1") take turns as members of the lineup, allowing the other the rare luxury of personal time during an active Blaseball season.

Randy Castillo, Ordinary Human

Randy Castillo (Hereafter referred to as Randy A), born March 20, 1987, played for two years as an outfielder in the Memphis Redbirds before getting called down to the Hades Tigers. Having expected to play for the St. Louis Cardinals, this was slightly surprising, but he's been flourishing as a member of the Tigers so far. Great job, Randy!

Asked what it was like moving to Hades, Randy A simply said, "it's a little warm, but the community is nice." He is frequently seen video-calling his husband and children back in Memphis, who are very proud of him but couldn't adjust to the Hades heat. Randy A often travels home to spend time with them when Randy 1 is playing, as the commute between Memphis and Hades is only a few minutes.

Randy A was good friends with former Tigers batter, Landry Violence. He would often leads chants of "VIOLENCE IS THE ANSWER!" when Landry was up to bat.

Randy A has shown incredible consistency both as an outfielder and as a batter, due in part to pitchers in the Internet League being so unused to pitching to an average-sized, unaltered human. Several teams have conducted clandestine investigations into Randy A's background in an attempt to suss out what secret ability or heritage he may be hiding. So far, all reports have returned that he is, "just a guy doing his best."

Randy Castillo, Demonic Poltergeist

Randy Castillo (Hereafter referred to as Randy 1), is a former accountant and demonic poltergeist possessing an eternally blazing suit of armor. Randy II came into existence in a temporal zone equating to March 20, 1987 in Earth time and played in the Underleagues on the Thirteenth Nightmare Plane, where he proved himself a formidable player. It is suspected that the Tigers initially intended to recruit this Randy Castillo, but a clerical error resulted in them signing Randy A instead.

Randy 1 has a husband and two kids (one a human child, one a poltergeist inhabiting a broadsword). They often show up to Tigers home games to support him. When Randy A is playing, Randy 1 uses the opportunity to travel to his home plane and spend time with them.

Randy 1 is less skilled than Randy A at batting. However, he's able to make up the difference with a combination of intimidation factor and telekinetic powers, achieving similar performance overall to Randy A. He has rejected several generous offers from other teams in order to avoid giving up his unique arrangement with Randy A.


For the first three seasons of the league, Randy A had only been able to visit his family during Siestas. As most Tigers players do when confronted with severe personal issues, he approached pitching coach Kick Rocks for help. Kick Rocks offered to assist in a ritual to summon Randy 1 and ask for assistance.

The exact details of the meeting are unknown. What has been confirmed is that Randy A signed a pact with Randy 1, requiring the latter to play in the former's place while he visited his family, and for a time the terms of the contract led to a degree of hostility between them.

This changed when Randy 1 approached Randy A, begging him to play the next series so he could visit his own family after one of his sons had been injured. At this point, Randy A states, he realized that Randy 1 had offered the contract for the same reason Randy A had become a Blaseball player - to support their families. After this, the two quickly became close friends.

In addition to maintaining their shared lineup slot to allow each other to see their families during the season, during siestas and offseasons their families meet up for barbecues in the Nightmare Planes or Memphis, which both have remarked are "surprisingly similar."


Their close relationship has proven key to their most effective batting technique. When the vibe is right, Randy A will don Randy 1 as a suit of armor and the two will merge to form Ur-Randy, Render Of Souls. However, as this technique prevents both of them from spending time with family, it is only deployed in the most important games. Asked about the fairness of this strategy, manager Fearful Symmetry replied "They only have one roster spot; there's no rule that says two people can't hold one position." This marks the fourth time that Symmetry has invoked Blaseball's Air Bud Clause.

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