Ren Morin is a lineup player for the Hades Tigers. Morin has been with the team since the start of Season 1.

Official League Records

Morin joined the league in Season 1 as a lineup player for the Hades Tigers.


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Ren Morin has █ degrees of rotational symmetry. Ren Morin's name is an Americanization of a small subset of his original name, which is infinitely long. The immigration officer assigned to his case in ████ could neither spell nor pronounce his name, primarily due to having no classics background (as well as the incorrect number of mouths).

To preserve the safety and sanity of the audience, Ren Morin plays with a perceptual matrix projecting his true form into one copacetic to three-dimensional space, usually taking a form emulating the Hades Tigers logo.

Personal Life

Ren Morin was seen going on a date with Hellmouth Sunbeams batter Emmett Internet during the season 3 post-season. When reached for comment on the date, Ren Morin let out a series of noises that were approximated to the roaring heat of the flames of the deep below, combined with the roars of a tiger den. When asked for follow up, he clarified that, "It was a nice date and our relationship will likely continue."

Ren Morin has never been married, and has no known children.


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