Richmond Harrison is a lineup player for the Hades Tigers and has been with the team since Season 6, Day 19.

Official League Records


Harrison joined the league in Season 1, playing for the Canada Moist Talkers.

Season 2

Harrison is well-known for their contribution to the record-setting Season 2, Day 96 game, hitting one of two grand slams in the bottom of the 3rd inning (alongside Hobbs Cain). 13 runs were scored during the inning, leading to a final score of 18-3 and securing the Moist Talkers a spot in the playoffs.

Season 3

Harrison's most clutch moment may have been during the Season 3 playoffs, during Game 4 of the first round, when the Moist Talkers were facing elimination down 1-2 in the series against the reigning two-time champion Philly Pies. Harrison came to bat in the top of the 9th inning with 2 out, 2 runners on, and down by 2 runs. Harrison hit a home run, giving the Moist Talkers the lead which they would keep and win the game to tie the series, 2-2.

Season 6

On Season 6, Day 19, Harrison was caught in a Feedback loop and swapped teams with Fish Summer, leaving the Canada Moist Talkers to join the Hades Tigers.

Season 7

In the Season 7 elections, Harrison was rerolled twice by the Paracausal Event blessing, first to ★ star, and then to ★★★ stars, finally receiving a boost to ★★★½ stars from the Pretty Plz? blessing.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Many were surprised to see Harrison back on the pitch for a second season after a close encounter with THE MAW in Season 1, which resulted in the loss of his right arm. However, his return saw him on the plate with both arms intact. In addition, reports say that he increased in size dramatically between seasons, adding a full six inches to his height. This trend has continued as of the beginning of season three, seeing Harrison standing a towering 9 feet 3 inches tall. Fans in the stands have reported witnessing him consuming vast amounts of what appear to be salmon pellets and brine shrimp. It is rumored that rather than hair, Harrison is in possession of feathered filaments sprouting from his pale pink skull, a rumor supported by a blurry photograph that appears to show a helmet-less Harrison emerging from the Canadian floodwaters near Gleek Arena.

Feedback Swap

During a game on Day 19 of Season 6, Richmond got lost in an intense feedback storm and found himself in the Hades Tigers dugout. As per official ILB regulations, this made him a member of the team.

Initially, Richmond found it difficult to adjust to the high heat and low humidity in Hades. To help with this, the Tigers suggested he spend the time between games in one of the rivers of the underworld. Initially Richmond chose to stay in the River Lethe, but after repeatedly forgetting to show up to games he moved to the River Styx instead. Many spectators fear complete immersion in the Styx may have rendered Richmond completely invulnerable, especially as he has recently been spotted relaxing in the River Phlegethon, which is made of fire.

World Tour

In Season 7 Spears Taylor declared themselves Richmond's mentor, promising to teach him everything they knew. Unfortunately, this proved ineffective as Spears did not actually know much about Blaseball. Instead, the mentorship turned into a series of expeditions around the world to visit the home cities of other teams and find Blaseball wisdom. It was at their last stop, the infinite Los Angeli, where the pair managed to lose their way in spacetime and encounter their future selves in a paracausal event.

Richmond somehow came away from the encounter with several years of growth. Richmond doesn't seem to be any more cognizant of the fact he is playing Blaseball, but he is a good deal larger at an even 12 feet tall, which has greatly improved his slugging ability. Hades took it upon himself to "make up for missed birthday presents" that Richmond would theoretically be due as a result of these years of growth, and had a 70'-diameter gong installed in the stands beyond center field. Well-struck Richmond Harrison home runs sound the gong loudly enough that the reverberations can be felt for almost exactly the duration of his famed home run trot.


  • Harrison does not speak, instead communicating in burbles or warbles, much akin to the audio of this video. No recordings of his vocalizations have been yet attained, as he is known to attack audio/video equipment, particularly if he can see his reflection in the lens (as such, mirrors were forbidden in Gleek Arena, and bringing one into the stadium was considered an act of sabotage).
  • Harrison is reported to be good friends with Hobbs Cain, who displays an unusual talent for deciphering his warbling, citing similarities between Harrison’s vocalization and those of Cain’s patron, The Leviathan.
  • Since his transfer to the Tigers, he has been seen wearing a Tigers cap stacked on top of his Moist Talkers hat. Some fans have begun to speculate that his hat cannot be removed, or may even be part of his head. It's not clear if Harrison is even aware of his trade to the Tigers.
  • It has recently been discovered that Richmond has both a PHD in Applied Fluid Dynamics as well as Civil Engineering with a specialization in hydrodynamics and irrigation. This just hasn't come up in conversation before. In addition, he's currently working on a degree in Quantum Mechanics in order to help his Unstable friends.


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