Scrap Murphy was a pitcher for the New York Millennials. Murphy was incinerated on Day 40 of Season 2 and was replaced by Felix Garbage.


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Murphy previously resided in the Haunted Mansion at Dilsney World, however as of late he has been seen in a spectral form hanging behind and around Conrad Vaughan. He remains in the hearts of all Millennials.

Personal Life

Before joining the Millennials, Scrap Murphy was a former New York Blittle League Coach for the Manhattan Rent.

When he is not shadowing Conrad, he can be spotted at the Haunted Mansion in Dilsney World. He currently shares his room with a pair of ghost squirrels, who help him eat the peanuts tributed in his name.


Scrap Murphy Season 2 Memorial Card created by wormtongue.

The Commissioner tweeted[1] about Murphy shortly after his incineration, offering their "sincerest condolences to [Murphy's] family," and controversially adding that "more #heated blaseball action" was forthcoming. Murphy's family declined to comment, but fans expressed their outrage[2] over the fiery double entendre on social media.


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