Artist's depiction of a rogue umpire by @leixilamu

Umpires are entities charged with the enforcement of the rules of Blaseball. This refers both to the abstract and nameless umpires that Blaseball teams interact inside of games, as well as the named umpires who speak to all Blaseball fans via the internet.

Umpires observe games to ensure appropriate play and splortsmanship, and relay the word of the Blaseball Gods to the rest of the League.

Their secondary purpose is to declare a Siesta, during which the games will not be viewable, and improvements (such as the addition of bigger machines) can be made.

The origin and species of Umpires are unknown.

Named Umpires

Named umpires are an informal designation for league officials who communicate with Blaseball fans via the internet, and are present during the events of every season. These umpires will occasionally declare a Siesta, during which the games will not be viewable and improvements (such as the addition of bigger machines) can be made. The named umpires are occasionally found speaking with fans in the Blaseball Discord.

Outside of official correspondence, the named umpires are characters representing each of Blaseball's three core game designers at The Game Band.

  • Umpire Chaff Littleman (ump_chaff), Head Umpire of Blaseball[1]
  • Umpire Husky (ump_husky) - Deceased as of September 25, 2020
  • Umpire Sunman (ump_admin_pope_sunman)
  • Umpire Steel (ump_steel)
  • Umpire Raúl - Deceased as of October 11, 2020[2]

Generic Umpires

Generic umpires are an informal designation for umpires who are present in every single match of Blaseball, arbitrating rules and adjudicating the game. Generic umpires have not done anything of historical note, but their presence in every match seems to be necessary; either by rulebook or by divine law.

Rogue Umpires

Artist's depiction by Saproling Digges (age 7), featuring incineration torch and terrifying scream.

See the main article on this topic: Incineration

Upon the Opening of the Forbidden Book at the end of Season 1, umpires were described as having their "eyes turn white." From this point forward, some games featured a rogue umpire who has the ability to incinerate a Blaseball player at will. It is believed that the practice is not endorsed by Internet League Blaseball, although no umpires have ever been publicly criticized or punished by the League for harming players.

It has been observed that all incinerations (and subsequently, all rogue umpires) only appear during Solar Eclipse weather.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


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